Call Before You Dig
Walton EMC Natural Gas advises consumers to call before digging.

Whether you're planting trees, installing an underground sprinkler system or adding outdoor lights, it's important to call the "Call Before You Dig" hotline first.

The Utilities Protection Center of Georgia contacts the utility who will send representatives to your property within three days of receiving the call to locate the utility lines – at no cost to you. This will help you prevent hitting underground pipes and cables while digging.

If contact is made with a natural gas pipeline, call Atlanta Gas Light immediately.

Take extra precautions to prevent electric shock and fire. You'll save money on potential repair work, and you could save a life. Don't take chances. Call before you dig.

Call Before You Dig

Inside Metro Atlanta 770/623-4344

Outside Metro Atlanta 800/282-7411

Atlanta Gas Light

Inside Metro Atlanta 770/907-4231

Outside Metro Atlanta 877/427-4321