Illuminate Your Home
Using Natural Gas

Independence Day is just around the corner. It's time for you to start planning the family festivities. But this year, forget about buying balloons and crÍpe paper. Once again, you can benefit from using natural gas.

Why not decorate your home with something you can enjoy all year long? Instead of decorating your home, accent your yard using natural gas outdoor lighting.

You can illuminate certain areas of your yard and create the perfect glow to beautify your home and add style. Not only will this create a subtle atmosphere for your home, but provide you better safety and security.

Look around your home. Consider the garage, pathways, hot tub, pool area, gazebo, patio and driveway. Possibilities are all around your home for outdoor lighting. But it doesn't end at the home. Outdoor lighting is attractive around commercial businesses as well.

You have several options to choose the outdoor lighting that suits your style and your home, whether you prefer Southern, Victorian or more contemporary style.

Select from various styles and colors, as well as the type of flame. Some models provide a steady glow, while others have a flickering flame. Another type of flame is known as the Vestal flame, similar to the shape of a maple tree leaf.

A benefit of using natural gas for outdoor lighting is the glow illuminated by the flame. The flame represents a soft, warm glow, instead of a bright light gleaming down from your porch.

Gas lights are also reliable. They don't rely on batteries or electricity. No matter what the weather is like, or if the power is out, your gas lights will continue to light your path. Gas lights require little maintenance and last for years. Even though gas lights attract fewer insects, it is the most common cause of blockage.

If you're interested in something more cost-efficient, many gas lights feature an electric switch. If you prefer, you can turn your gas lights on and off by using the switch. If the flame blows out, the lantern automatically re-ignites. If you want to lower your gas usage during the daytime, choose a model with a dimmer.

Start by developing a plan. Walk around your property and determine what areas need extra lighting for safety purposes. What areas could you highlight? Make a sketch of your home, including the walkways, landscape and patios.

Take advantage of the different lighting techniques. Not only can you highlight specific areas around your home, but you can create desirable shadows around your landscape or silhouettes.

If you're building a new home, include the outdoor lighting in the early stages of planning. It will simplify the installation process and help with selecting the best location for each gas light.

Visit Atlanta Gas Light's website for more ideas on accentuating your home with natural gas outdoor lighting. Don't hide your home behind balloons and crÍpe paper; illuminate your home with the glow of the natural gas flame.

(Photos provided by Gas Products Company.)