July 2004
Grilling Made Easy

Now you can enjoy the use of natural gas outside your home with a natural gas grill. All you need is a natural gas connection, which you already have.

Don't worry about buying lighter fluid, matches or even charcoal. Natural gas gives you a constant supply of fuel for grilling.

Another benefit of having a natural gas grill is having instant heat. You no longer have to set aside an entire evening for grilling hamburgers. Natural gas allows consumers the option to grill when they get ready.

With grilling made easy, you can grill on weeknights instead of waiting until the weekend when you have more time. You'll save money on your energy bills from reducing the amounts of extra heat in your kitchen from cooking over the stovetop.

Along with instant heat, gas grills provide you with a consistent flame. You have control over the temperature and can choose the cooking style you prefer: to bake, sauté, and more.

When you go to purchase a natural gas grill, it's important to consider a few things first. Know what size will work best to fit your needs – how big is your deck and how many will you be cooking for?

Are you interested in any added features? You can purchase a gas grill with shelves to give you added space or with side burners so that you can cook more than one entree at a time.

Compare the different types of grills in terms of how they are constructed. A stainless steel grill may be top of the line, but expensive. One of the biggest factors in choosing a gas grill is your budget. You have to determine which grill can suit all your needs and be within your budget. But also, make sure the grill is good quality.

Once you've chosen the perfect grill for you and your family, you can think about installing it. Contact a licensed gas fitter to install your gas grill.

A professional will insure that your new appliance is hooked up properly for your own safety and those around it. A "Quick Connect" will tap into your natural gas supply and connect to your grill with a flexible hose. This will give you the option to travel with your gas grill, as long as there is a natural gas supply you can connect to.

Once your grill has been installed, let it run for about an hour before grilling for the first time. This should prevent any residue from rubbing off on your food and affecting the taste. Turn off the grill and allow the coals to cool. Now spray it with a nonstick cooking spray, and then you're ready to grill!

Natural gas grills are easy to clean. The coals are self-cleaning, but you might consider leaving the burner on about 15 minutes longer after you've taken up your meal. This will help burn off any extra drippings from the grill. Then, run a wire brush over the racks.

Now you can have all the benefits of cooking with natural gas, only this time, cooking outdoors with your gas grill. Visit your local home improvement store to check out the latest styles of natural gas grills.

Remember Safety When Grilling

  • Keep your grill away from items that could potentially catch on fire. Use your grill on an uncovered porch.
  • Occasionally check your grill for gas leaks. It there's a leak, purchase a replacement immediately.
  • When using the grill, keep your hair pulled back and avoid wearing loose clothing.
  • Let the chef do the cooking; keep children and other adults away from grill to prevent accidents.
  • Make sure the lid is up when you start the grill.