December 2004
Ready for Inspection

Now is the time to inspect your natural gas heating system. A properly maintained heating system runs more efficiently and safely. It also saves you money.

• Make sure the unit is free of dust, rust or any other signs of corrosion. Clear the space around the furnace from items like paint, solvents, rags, paper or any other combustible products.

• Check the air filter regularly, every one to two months. Replace or clean it if necessary. You can save five percent or more on energy bills by doing so regularly.

• Have a licensed heating and air contractor check the inside of the unit. Their inspection should include a thorough examination of the blower, blower belt, heat exchanger and flue system.

• Space heaters need an annual inspection too. As with any gas appliance, trouble signs to look for are a yellow flame, soot, a lingering pungent smell, or overheating. The technician should vacuum any debris that has build up around the burners. If the heater is an older model and does not have an oxygen depletion sensor, it should be replaced.