January 2005
How May We Help You?

Meet Nancy-Ann Merka. She's a consumer service representative (CSR) for Walton EMC. Along with the other Walton EMC CSRs, she's eager to assist you. Walton EMC Natural Gas (WEMCNG) strives to provide each customer with the best service possible.

Merka has prepared several tips to help WEMCNG provide better service:

  • Have your account number ready when you contact us. Call toll free at 866/WEMCGAS weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM. Call volumes are usually high on Mondays. For shorter wait times, call Tuesday through Friday unless your need is urgent.
  • Update your WEMCNG account information. Please let us know if your address or phone number changes. We need your current contact information in case of emergency.
  • WEMCNG offers a variety of billing options. Choose the payment option that's convenient for you. Pay your bill by postal mail, phone, on-line or bank draft.
  • Avoid comparing your energy bill with a friend or neighbor. Every account is different. Every home has different appliances and the occupants have unique habits. The amount of gas used each month varies for each household. Customer base charges can vary as well.
  • When you receive your monthly bill, remember you're actually being billed for the gas consumed one to three weeks prior to the billing date. If the bill is more than you expected, consider what the weather was like during the actual billing period. It could be dramatically different than the day you receive your bill.
  • Check out the Georgia Public Service Commission's website monthly at www.psc.state.ga.us/gas/pricecard. Month after month WEMCNG has offered lower rates than its competitors.
Thank you for choosing Walton EMC Natural Gas. Your customer satisfaction matters. Find more information on bill payment options on-line or call (770) 267-2505.

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