February 2005
Comparing Apples to Apples

You've probably heard the expression "apples to apples." But what's it like comparing apples to apples in the natural gas market?

Comparing natural gas rates can be tricky. To fairly calculate rates, compare the monthly apples to apples prices per therm. Simply divide your total monthly bill by your monthly consumption (in therms). For example, if your monthly bill was $178.95, and you used 162 therms, the monthly "apples to apples" price per therm would be $1.10.

When comparing gas rates account for all the monthly charges on your bill, like dedicated design day capacity (DDDC), transportation and customer service charges.

To simplify charges, Walton EMC Natural Gas includes all energy charges in the per therm rate. Only sales tax and base charges from Atlanta Gas Light, passed through without modification, are added to your bill.

Part of the Walton EMC Natural Gas philosophy is to provide the lowest possible cost for natural gas along with the best possible service. We offer several convenient bill payment options, like on-line billing, credit card over the phone and bank draft, to fit into your busy schedule.

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