February 2004
Gas News

  • Check out Atlanta Gas Light's website for home energy tools. After registering, you can complete an on-line form to conduct an on-line home energy analysis based on previous gas usages.

    The website also features an Energy Calculator, a tool for you to calculate approximate energy consumption and cost for home appliances. The site's Energy Library features detailed information on natural gas heating and other topics.

  • Reports from the National Weather Service for Atlanta indicated that December required 130 percent more heating than November, and the average temperature for December was 44.6 degrees. December 2004 was four percent colder than normal, while December 2003 was 11 percent.

    November 2004 was 23 percent warmer than normal, but still required nine percent more heating than November 2003. Last year, February was 17 percent colder than normal and required 18 percent more heating than the previous year.