March 2003
Springtime-Season for Outdoor Chores

Pipelines are buried all around you. Two million miles of pipeline stretch across the United States, according to the American Gas Association (AGA), delivering natural gas to 64 million consumers.

This time of year, when you're working outside, it's important that you know the location of all pipelines on your property. Not only can this prevent accidents, but also save you money from any potential repairs if contact is made with a pipeline.

If you're planning to install an underground sprinkler system, plant trees, add outdoor lights or install a pool, call before you dig. Georgia law requires that you call and have all underground lines located before initial digging.

Anytime you're digging, call the "Call Before You Dig" hotline listed below. The Utilities Protection Center of Georgia notifies utilities in the area to send a representative to your home or business to locate all pipelines and cables, within three days-at no charge.

While spring is a great time for planting and working outdoors, it's also when most accidents occur involving natural gas pipelines. Natural gas pipelines are safe; they're underground. But it's not safe once you make contact with a line.

The leading cause of accidents occurs when the natural gas pipeline delivery system is struck during digging or building trenches, according to AGA. These accidents alone account for 60 percent of all incidents on gas utility pipelines.

Accidents from contacting pipelines and cables can be prevented. Simply call before you dig.

Call Before You Dig Hotline

Inside Metro Atlanta 770/623-4344

Outside Metro Atlanta 800/282-7411