June 2005
Meeting Your Business Needs

Walton EMC Natural Gas serves Georgia businesses. Our statewide service territory allows us to provide natural gas to any commercial business, industry or school on Atlanta Gas Light's pipeline system.

Walton EMC Natural Gas can now save you money on your residential and business energy needs. Walton EMC Natural Gas posts its commercial rates monthly online.

Meet Philip Peters. He can assist you with your energy needs, variable and fixed rate plans and bill consolidation.


Phone: 770/500-5256

Since there's no commercial price comparison between Georgia's natural gas

marketers, compare residential rates at the Georgia Public Service Commission's website. Check the current month's pricing and previous months. Walton EMC Natural Gas leads the market with the lowest rates.

Our residential and commercial rates are consistent. When our residential rates are the lowest, most likely we have the lowest commercial rates too.

Compare the rate listed on your most recent bill with Walton EMC Natural Gas's rate. Consider the number of therms used, the service charge and then calculate how much you could have saved if your commercial account was with us.

If you're currently on a variable rate, you can switch anytime. On a fixed contract? Plan ahead. Some marketers penalize you for opting out of a fixed

Call our Account Executive Philip Peters at 770/500-5256 if your business uses more than 40,000 therms per year. He can formulate a price quote based on the natural gas load and demand of your business.

Walton EMC Natural Gas also offers bill consolidation. If you have multiple accounts, receive Walton EMC's electric service or EMC Security monitoring, then we can consolidate those bills into one invoice and require only one payment for all your accounts.

To switch to Walton EMC Natural Gas, call 770/267-2505 or switch online. Start saving today!