July 2005
Get Grilling with Natural Gas

Join the "grill masters" who have made the switch from charcoal or propane grills to a natural gas grill.

Natural gas grills eliminate the hassle of charcoal and refilling heavy propane tanks. They can be installed just about anywhere on a post or deck or on a cart with a quick-connect feature that lets you move it when not in use.

Want more features? Today's natural gas grills can be customized with side burners, self-cleaning briquettes, rotisseries, folding shelves and instant-start ignition. To learn more, go to atlantagaslight.com and click on Natural Gas Grills.

Get Your Grill Ready for Summer Cooking

  • Inspect the burner and its gas supply tubes for blockages. Remove insects or debris.
  • Check the lava rocks and cooking grids for rust. Replace if necessary.
  • Clean both sides of the cooking grids using a brass bristle brush.
  • Inspect gas hoses for leaks or worn rubber. Replace if needed.
  • Clean the grill inside and out to remove grease buildup from cooking.
  • Have a licensed technician inspect your natural gas connection.