April 2005
Who's SEDC?

If you pay your bill online, you've probably noticed the online billing site is different from waltonemcgas.com. You're at the right site.

Southeastern Data Cooperative (SEDC) runs the online billing portion for Walton EMC Natural Gas. That's why you're directed to a different site when you proceed to pay your bill online. It's secure to process your transaction.

Your monthly credit card or bank statement also lists SEDC instead of WEMCNG. SEDC processes your online payment for WEMCNG.

Here are some frequently asked questions about SEDC:

What is SEDC?

SEDC stands for Southeastern Data Cooperative. It's a data processing cooperative that provides consumer billing and accounting solutions to its customer-owners.

Who are some of SEDC's customer-owners?

SEDC serves more than 170 electric cooperatives and municipal utility providers in 28 states, including Walton EMC (the owner of Walton EMC Natural Gas).

What does SEDC have to do with Walton EMC Natural Gas?

SEDC handles all of WEMCNG's billing-the online billing system and the printing and mailing of the paper bills. SEDC also stuffs The Walton EMC Gasette into your gas bill each month.

Why does the bill-payment website look different from waltonemcgas.com?

As an SEDC customer-owner, Walton EMC uses its billing services, including online billing. When you go to waltonemcgas.com and click on Online Payments, you're still on WEMCNG's website. But once you proceed to Online Payment, you're directed to SEDC's secure payment site.

How do I sign up for online billing?

It's easy. Call toll-free 866/WEMCGAS, or 866/936-2427. Get more information online.

How can I get more information about SEDC?

Log on to www.sedata.com.