December 2005
No Gimmicks, Just Low Prices

Walton EMC Natural Gas consistently offers lower prices month to month. Consumers often ask how we can be lower than other marketers and still operate successfully.

Here's the scoop.

As a subsidiary of Walton Electric Membership Corporation, we're able to share their philosophy to provide the lowest possible cost and the best possible service.

Electric cooperatives haven't always been in the gas business. In 2001, a bill was passed allowing EMCs, including Walton EMC, to apply to become a certified natural gas marketer through the Georgia Public Service Commission (GPSC).

We applied, were approved and received certification from the GPSC. By November 2002, Walton EMC Natural Gas was in business and taking signups.

“Since the beginning, we have said that we're different than other marketers,” explains Walton EMC Natural Gas Director of Operations Allen Powers. “And not just because we're owned by an EMC. We focus on price and service, not gimmicks. We don't resort to misleading marketing schemes. Instead, we save you money with a lower monthly bill.”

“With little to no advertising, we don't require a hefty marketing budget,” Powers continued. “We're able to keep our margins low and offer what consumers want—low prices.”

“Just look at our rates. They include all energy charges, so we only have to add sales tax and delivery charges from Atlanta Gas Light to your bill without any markup.”

Walton EMC's 70-year track record has also helped. With systems already in place and an advanced Call Center, Walton EMC prepared us to serve you in the best way possible. Our friendly customer service representatives are always eager to assist you.

More than 110,000 consumers across Northeast Georgia trust Walton EMC to provide reliable electric service. So you can trust us in the natural gas business. We're in business for you.

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