January 2006
Walton EMC Natural Gas Top Five New Year's Resolutions

1. Switch to a no-hassle bill payment.

Save time and energy with online billing or bank draft. Call 866/936-2427

to sign up or log on to waltonemcgas.com and click on Payment Options.

2. Conserve energy.

Check out Walton EMC Natural Gas's online Energy Conservation Center. A few changes around your home can add up to big savings on your heating bills.

3. Give your home the attention it needs.
The U.S. Department of Energy's consumer website offers tips for a do

it-yourself home energy audit. Log on to http://www.eere.energy.gov/consumer.

4. Gas up your stove.

Try new recipes featured each month in The Walton EMC Gasette . Or

submit your recipe for a chance to receive a $25 credit on your gas bill.

More details in Calling All Cooks.

5. Enjoy the comfort of your gas heat.
Relax and enjoy your time at home after the holiday season rush. Sit

back with a hot cup of coffee, your favorite book and unwind in front of your gas logs.

Happy New Year!