December 2005
Lower Operating Costs for Your Benefit

The natural gas you use makes up more than half your Walton EMC Natural Gas bill. We purchase your natural gas at market prices set by the New York Mercantile Exchange. We've kept our operating costs and margins low since we've been in business.

A Message from Allen Powers, Director of Walton EMC Natural Gas

I know many of you are concerned about the future of natural gas prices. How much higher will they get? Are they going to stabilize? And when will they get lower?

The truth is no one knows. As a Georgia natural gas marketer, Walton EMC Natural Gas has no control over the wholesale cost of natural gas.

We set our rates monthly based on the wholesale cost of natural gas. Damage to the oil rigs along the Gulf of Mexico following Hurricane Katrina caused steep increases to the trading price of oil and natural gas.

While we can't influence wholesale costs, we can control our operating costs. Since the beginning of our company, we've kept our operating costs low and avoided a big markup on our monthly rates. We thought you'd be interested in exactly how low.

The cost of the natural gas you use makes up for more than half your bill. This goes to energy companies and the owner of the oil and gas rigs.

Another large portion of your bill is the Atlanta Gas Light Company base charge, which we get directly from them. It varies monthly for every customer. The AGLC base charge includes pipeline, meter maintenance and meter reading.

Walton EMC Natural Gas's operating expenses are minimal. These include administration costs and general expenses of operating our business. When you lump together all natural gas expenses that make up your bill, a tiny fraction makes up Walton EMC Natural Gas's operating costs.

We're in a customer-driven business. That's why our main goals are to provide you the lowest prices possible for natural gas month after month along with outstanding customer service. When you call us, you'll talk to a live, local, friendly representative.

We're hoping for lower natural gas prices just as you are…and soon. As long as you're a Walton EMC Natural Gas customer, you're with a company you can trust.

We encourage you to use our online energy conservation tips. At waltonemcgas.com, you'll find information on programmable thermostats, changing your furnace's air filter and more. Log on to learn how you can use less gas during this heating season.

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