December 2005
Digging Soon? Call First.

Before shoveling dirt, plan and call first. The Utilities Protection Center advises consumers to “Call Before You Dig.” They make it easy with the “Call Before You Dig” hotline listed below. It helps protect you from injury and your property from potential damage.

UPC recommends that you call one week prior to digging. Whether you're installing a pool, planting a tree or operating machinery to dig holes, it's critical for you contact the UPC beforehand.

Once you call, a representative from the UPC assigns you a ticket number and then contacts your local utilities. Each utility sends a representative within 48 hours to locate all respective lines on your property. Lines include gas, power, communication, water and others.

Tracking is now available to check the progress of your utilities' response to your ticket. Log on to www.gaupc.com and click on “What is Positive Response?” You'll be required to enter your ticket number.

After all lines are marked, you'll receive a final check on your ticket and digging will be deemed safe . Check the UPC's website for more tips on digging safely.

Call Before You Dig
Inside Metro Atlanta 770/623-4344
Outside Metro Atlanta 800/282-7411

Celebrate Arbor Day, Plant a Tree

Georgia's tradition continues with its celebration of Arbor Day on Friday, February 17. Join citizens in planting trees to promote the state's theme of Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities, Healthy People.

Avoid planting trees near overhead and underground utilities, water lines and sewer lines.

Over half the state is covered with forests, contributing $20 billion annually to Georgia's economy and providing 170,000 jobs.

The National Arbor Day Foundation's Tree Guide helps you select trees for your property. Log on to arborday.org for the complete Tree Guide to learn the expected mature height and crown spread of trees you're interested in planting.