December 2005
Natural Gas Sales Tax Temporarily Reduced

You'll notice a tax break on your natural gas bill this month. This is one of four you'll receive as part of Governor Sonny Perdue's initiatives to cut the state sales tax for natural gas.

In an executive order released December 19, 2005, Perdue ordered a 50 percent cut for January through April billing cycles. Presently, sales tax represents 4 percent of your natural gas usage.

While the cut seems small for an average customer's bill, just 2 percent, the total sales tax recovered statewide is substantial. This executive order will help alleviate a surplus in the state's sales tax for natural gas.

Perdue's efforts developed after the state encountered significant natural gas price increases following hurricanes Katrina and Rita and their impact to the oil rigs along the Gulf of Mexico.

The tax cut varies for every customer and may only be a few dollars each month off your bill. It's figured by the amount of natural gas you use in the given billing period. The tax cut excludes taxes on Walton EMC's service charge and Atlanta Gas Light's base charge.

To learn more about the Governor's executive order, log on to http://gov.state.ga.us.