April 2006
Keeping It Simple Low Prices, Two Rate Plans

“We like to make things simple for our customers,” says Allen Powers, director of Walton EMC Natural Gas.

“We don't resort to gimmicks or promotional rates. Instead, we focus on lower prices month to month for our customers because that's what they want—low prices, great service.”

Here at Walton EMC Natural Gas, you'll find choosing a rate plan easy. With only two options, you can select a rate plan that's right for you.

Choosing the variable rate plan allows you to ride the market's prices without signing a contract. The variable rate fluctuates monthly depending on the supply and demand of natural gas and the price of natural gas at the wellhead.

If you don't like gambling on today's market, you might find security in the 12 billing cycle fixed rate plan. With the fixed plan, you pay the same rate for 12 billing cycles. No matter how much the market's natural gas prices fluctuate, you'll pay the same rate each month until your fixed contract ends.

“Fixed rates are generally more expensive than the variable price,” Powers adds, “but you at least know the price you'll pay for natural gas for 12 billing cycles, while variable rates follow market trends.”

With a fixed contract, you risk having a higher rate. Just look at our rates for March 2006. The fixed price is higher than the variable at $1.18 per therm.

If you sign a fixed contract at this rate and the rates during the summer are lower, you still have to pay March's per therm rate according to your contract. However, March's fixed price may be lower than most months over a year's time. It's a risk you take choosing the fixed rate plan.

In comparing fixed plans on the Georgia Public Service Commission's website, you'll notice a variety. Some marketers offer 6 month plans. Walton EMC Natural Gas offers a straight up 12 billing cycle plan.

“We also avoid volume discounts or introductory rates,” Powers says. “Everyone who signs up with Walton EMC Natural Gas benefits, because our rates our consistently lower, not just for new customers.”

When comparing rates on the PSC's website, make sure to compare apples to apples per therm rates. Some months the lowest-priced marketer may appear to have the lowest per therm rate. Look again.

Often times, marketers may be the lowest with an introductory rate or with a volume discount. Introductory rates only apply to new customers and only last for a few months.

Volume discounts benefit customers who use a certain amount of natural gas each month. The discount only applies to the natural gas consumed after using the required amount of therms.

Also compare our customer service charge to other marketers. We have one of the lowest. Every customer pays the same customer service charge.

“In comparing rates, variable and fixed, we're generally lowest,” Powers concludes. “When you look past the gimmick rates, Walton EMC Natural Gas consistently offers lower rates than other marketers. And if we're not the lowest-priced marketer, we're second lowest.”

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