June 2006
Increase Security and Light with Natural Gas

Spruce up your yard with the essence of natural gas outdoor lighting. The radiance of natural gas lights will accentuate your home's best features.

Highlight the driveway and front porch with outdoor lights to capture your visitors' attention and create a safe, well-lit yard around your home so your family can feel secure.

Imagine the Possibilities

Consider areas around your home that need additional lighting. Besides pathways, think of areas you want to accentuate or areas that need more lightólike the patio, pool, spa or gazebo. If you're planning a new home, incorporate natural gas lights into the plans early.

You can achieve sufficient lighting by installing one or several outdoor natural gas lights. The elegance of gas lights comes with their soft, warm glow rather than a bright, gleaming light from atop.

As long as you have a natural gas connection, you can install gas lights around your home. Prices vary depending on the style of light. Styles range from Victorian to Gothic to contemporary. You choose the light that best fits your home's design and style. Gas lighting is also available for commercial businesses.

Choose the type of flame you prefer. From a steady flame to flickering, the choice is yours.

The good news is no matter what type flame you choose, the light burns continuously. It doesn't require batteries or electricity, only natural gas. So you won't have to worry about your light going out during bad weather. If the flame goes out, the lantern automatically re-ignites.

And maintenance is rare. The light attracts few insects, only sometimes the insects cause blockage.

If you want natural gas lights at little cost, have the heating and air contractor add an electric switch to operate the gas light. Or choose models with a dimmer to reduce the gas usage during the daytime.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of your natural gas connection. Add the essence of natural gas lights to your landscape. To compare styles of gas lights, log on to atlantagaslight.com or use your preferable search engine to compare the various styles of natural gas lights.