August 2006
In Business for Your Business

Serving more than Georgia's residential needs

Save money for your business with Walton EMC Natural Gas. As a certified Georgia natural gas marketer, we can provide natural gas for any business, industry or school on Atlanta Gas Light Company's pipelines.

If your business isn't a Walton EMC Natural Gas customer already, try us. You know us already, so why not trust us with all your natural gas needs?

You've already experienced our service. We take pride in our customer service, always providing the best possible service to each customer. Our friendly, local customer service representatives are eager to serve you and your natural gas needs, whether it's for your home or business.

And by now, you know about our rates. Our prices are more consistent than other gas marketers. We offer lower rates month after month, not just a couple months out of the year.

Our track record proves it. Log on to the Georgia Public Service Commission's website, www.psc.state.ga.us, to check residential apples to apples per therm rates. If we're not the lowest-priced marketer, we're close. The PSC only posts residential pricing, but we strive to provide the lowest rates possible for our commercial customers as we do for our homeowners.

Day or night, view the current month's commercial rates online.

“If your business is currently with another marketer,” says Philip Peters, account executive for Walton EMC Natural Gas, “we need to talk. We could be saving your business money each month on energy.”

“Using one of your previous gas bills, I can show you what your bill would be if you were with us. Considering the number of therms used, we can compare your current marketer's commercial rate with our rate and then you'll quickly see the difference and potential savings. We can also compare customer service charges and any other fees.”

Plan ahead for switching to Walton EMC Natural Gas. Some marketers penalize you for opting out of a fixed contract. If you're on a variable rate plan, you can switch anytime.

We offer bill consolidation to our commercial customers. For multiple accounts or businesses receiving Walton EMC's electric service or EMC Security monitoring, bills can be consolidated to one invoice. Also, bill consolidation requires only one payment for all accounts.

For businesses using more than 40,000 therms a year, our commercial and industrial account executives can formulate a price quote for your business based on its natural gas load and demand. Call 770/267-2505 and ask for Scott Walker or Keith Taylor.

Contact Walton EMC Natural Gas to sign up your business today. Rest assured that your business will receive the lowest price and best customer care as you do for your home.

If your business uses less than 40,000 therms a year, please contact Peters for a price comparison. Call 770/500-5256 or send an email. You can also fax your most recent bill to 770/795-2119.

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