August 2006
Ready for winter...during the summer?

Now is the time to prepare your heating system for winter's cold temperatures

Beat the heating season rush. Schedule your annual check-up on your natural gas heating system soon.

Winter may seem like a long time away, but it's never too early to prepare your heating system for cold temperatures—especially before heating and air contractors get bogged down in the heating season rush.

Not only do you want to ensure your heating system's working properly, but you want it running efficiently so you can use less energy and spend less money on heating your home.

Call a licensed heating and air contractor for a check-up. After all, inspections increase the lifespan of your system and keep it running safe in your home.

What to expect during an annual check-up

The contractor should check:

• the inside of the unit

• the blower

• blower belt

• heat exchanger

• flue system

The contractor also inspects the gas connection for leaks.

Routine maintenance for your heating system

You can also help your heating system do its job:

• Remove dust and debris from the heating unit.

• Check for rust or other signs of corrosion.

• Routinely change the air filter. How often depends on the type of air filter your system uses. Most should be changed or cleaned every month or two.