March 2007
Natural Gas Homes Provide Comfort and Convenience

Inside your gas home, it's all about comfort. Several natural gas appliances help make your home warm and welcoming. Plus, choosing energy efficient models can help lower your gas bill each month.

1. Furnace: Heat your home the natural gas way with a natural gas furnace. For optimum energy savings, choose a furnace with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of at least 90 percent.

2. Water Heater: Hot water on demand is just one benefit you'll enjoy about gas water heaters. A water heater is generally the second largest energy user in your home, so choose one with a high energy factor (EF) for more efficiency.

3. Fireplace: Who knew having a fire could be so easy? Gas fireplaces and logs offer a cozy winter retreat without the odor of smoke and the ashes, or the burden of gathering wood. They come in two options—vented, which must be installed into an existing fireplace with a damper, and vent-free, which require no firebox or damper.

4. Range: Gas ranges are the preferred cooking choice of most chefs as well as many homeowners. They provide precise temperatures and even heat distribution for even, quick cooking every time.

5. Dryer: Natural gas dryers do the job quickly. Help yours operate to its fullest by cleaning the lint screen after every load.

6. Space Heater: Need a little extra heat when there's a chill in the air? Gas space heaters can provide that in two forms—vent-free and vented. Unvented ones should have an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS). An ODS detects a reduced oxygen level and shuts off the heater before carbon monoxide (CO) accumulates.

Outside your gas home, you want to maximize use of your outdoor space. Outdoor gas appliances are made to do just that. Outdoor entertaining is a favorite pastime for many homeowners, so why not extend the time you can use this space? Even if you don't entertain, you and your family will love the benefits of outdoor gas appliances.

7. Outdoor Lights: Using natural gas, you can light up your yard, porch, patio or driveway for more hours of outdoor enjoyment and added security. Gas lights come in several different colors, styles and mounting options.

8. Grill: No need to worry about buying charcoal or lighter fluid or refilling the propane tank—gas grills can be easily installed on your property for worry-free year-round grilling. To clean your grill, leave the burner on high for 10 to 15 minutes after each use with the lid closed. Then, with the grate still warm, brush the racks with a grill brush.

9. Pool Heater: If you have a home with a pool, why not use it? You can get more use out of your pool with a gas pool heater and take the chill off that first touch of the water. But invest in a pool cover to reduce energy loss and save energy—it'll pay off in little time.

10. Patio Heater: Available in several looks and mounting options, gas patio heaters make your outdoor space more livable during cooler months. They are ideal for use in 50 to 70 degree weather, making them great for use in fall, spring or even mild winter months.