April 2007
Gas Lights Add Ambience and Security to Outdoor Spaces

No doubt the warm weather has inspired many homeowners to spruce up their outdoor spaces, giving new life to gardens and patios and adding curb appeal (and value) to

Use outdoor natural gas lights to illuminate the best features of your home.

their homes.

If you are one on those homeowners, go ahead and add a little extra value and show off your outdoor spaces—day and night—with outdoor natural gas lights.

The Benefits of Gas Lights

Natural gas lights offer a soft, warm glow without casting harsh shadows. They provide perfect illumination for entertaining or for a relaxing evening outdoors. Standard lights produce light equivalent to a 60-watt bulb.

Gas lights don't just add value to your home. They extend your outdoor time and add an extra element of security to your property. Plus, you can put up the citronella candles; gas lights attract fewer bugs.

Gas lights are inexpensive to operate, especially if you choose to install a model with an on/off switch or a dimmer switch. While on, the flame burns continuously. Wind guards can keep the flame from going out, but if it does go out because of a gust of wind, it reignites on its own.

The Uses for Outdoor Gas Lights

Use outdoor lights on your property to accentuate your home's best features or to make an outdoor space more livable. They can be mounted on ceilings, walls or posts for use all over the yard. Use them for:

  • Illuminating porches, decks, gazebos or patios for sitting areas
  • Highlighting gardens or other landscaping
  • Lighting walkways, steps or entryways for added safety
  • Adding security to driveways
  • Creating ambient light around pools and spas
  • Casting light on outdoor scenes (such as water features) to be seen from indoors
  • Enhancing the appearance and security of commercial buildings or parking areas

Many Options to Choose From

Outdoor gas lights are available in a variety of styles and colors to match and enhance your property. From traditional models to more exotic ones like tiki torches, you have complete control over the mood you want to create with gas lights.

Priced from about $100 to $800 plus for some commercial lights, they come in a variety of finishes including brass, copper or cast aluminum.

Models with mantles have a steady glow, but open flame models flicker like a candle, creating different effects to fit your needs. Some models automatically dim or shut off when light is detected in order to cut down on gas consumption during the day.

Installing and Maintaining Gas Lights

Gas lights can be easily put on the same gas line as outdoor heaters, natural gas grills or pool heaters. However, they must be installed by a licensed contractor.

Take caution when choosing where to install them. They should be kept away from flammable objects and out of reach of children or where they may be easily bumped—the flame is very hot.

When choosing a gas light for your property, be sure to compare warranties. And if you are planning to build a home soon, it is a good idea to incorporate gas lights into the plans early.

Outdoor gas lights do not require too much maintenance. They need to be occasionally cleaned, however cleaning is made easier because the tempered glass slides out. Lights should be serviced annually by a licensed HVAC contractor. Always consult the owner's manual for proper maintenance and care instructions.

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