July 2007
Natural Gas Grills:

The Centerpiece of Summer Cooking

Ever run out of gas mid-grilling, or go to start the grill and squeeze out the last drop of lighter fluid? These problems can put the fire out of any grilling plans.

With a natural gas grill, you never have to worry about these glitches in your dinner plans. A natural gas grill is hooked up directly to your natural gas supply for your home, and gas is always available.

Plus, natural gas grills eliminate the hassles of cleaning the ashes out of a charcoal grill or refilling a propane tank. Natural gas grills offer fast heating and the precision of natural gas cooking you enjoy indoors, with the smoky flavor associated with grilling.

When the burners of a gas grill are ignited, they heat the briquettes or coals and, as juices drip onto the hot briquettes, smoke rises, giving the food the smoky grilled flavor we all love. But if too much fat or juice accumulates on the briquettes, it will cause flare-ups. To prevent this, rotate the coals occasionally to ensure they are evenly cleaned.

Many homeowners and homebuilders are choosing to incorporate gas grills into their backyard landscapes in outdoor kitchens. This makes outdoor cooking even more convenient and efficient. Gas grills are also available on carts or pedestals. Choose a quick connect feature so that you can quickly and safely disconnect the grill when not in use if space is limited.

Today's grills boast a multitude of features like side burners, warming racks and rotisseries. Cost ranges from $150 to $5,000, depending on materials, options and installation requirements.

Natural gas grills must be installed and inspected by a licensed heating and air conditioning contractor.

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