July 2007
Fire Up the Grill: It's Party Time!

Five Tips to Hosting a Stress-Free Grilling Party

A natural gas grill is the perfect centerpiece for a casual summer party, be it a big celebration or an intimate gathering. Be the host with the most by following these tips:

  1. Prepare Early
    Chop and thaw foods and get out the plates and utensils you'll need before guests arrive. Don't try to cook everything once the party starts—you want to have fun, too. Prepare some foods early or buy foods readymade. A recipe like the chicken and corn recipe below will please all of your guests and is relatively easy to prepare. Pair with a fresh salad (made before guests arrive) for a stress-free meal.

  2. Know Your Grill
    Be comfortable with your grill before inviting people over for a get-together. Once you are familiar with the way it works, invite guests over to test your culinary skills. Be sure to factor in time for grilling and be sure food is cooked to the correct internal temperature before serving. Also, keep in mind that wind, outdoor temperature and other factors can affect the speed of cooking.

  3. Let the Grill be the Centerpiece
    Set up the party around the grill so that you can be a host and a cook at the same time—just be sure your guests are not downwind of the smoke. Remember to keep children and play areas away from the grill.

  4. Give Guests Something to Do
    Being the host and the cook can be a difficult task; have appetizers and activities for guests while they are waiting on the food to cook so they don't get antsy.

  5. Customize
    Please everyone by letting your guests customize their meal. Set up a burger bar full of ingredients—cheese, mustard, tomatoes, and even something less predictable like guacamole or sautéed onions—for your guests to pile on their burgers. That way, you spend less time preparing orders for each guest and your guests get exactly what they want.