March 2008
10 Experts, 10 Tips

Our energy efficiency, safety and natural gas gurus give you their top natural gas tips.

"If you have gas in your house, you should have a working carbon monoxide (CO) detector. Test it every six months to ensure that it is functioning correctly and replace the batteries when needed. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to change out the detector after several years."
-Cindy Haddon, marketing specialist

"Don't forget that we provide commercial and residential gas service statewide on all Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) accounts. If you are using another marketer, you could be saving money with us."
-Philip Peters, account executive

"Take advantage of the wonderful Georgia weather with a natural gas grill. Not only is it a convenient way to cook and enjoy the outdoors, but grilling on your gas grill allows you to spend valuable time with your family."
-Allen Powers, director of gas operations

"Turn your heat down when you leave the house. An unoccupied house can actually use more gas than an occupied one - body heat, lights and activities like cooking and drying clothes all help to heat up your home. Install a programmable thermostat to make turning the temperature down easier."
-Jim Bottone, regulatory affairs director

"Be sure to replace the filters in your heating and air conditioning units once a month. Units with clean filters run more efficiently and save money."
-Rigs Santos, energy auditor specialist

"As we approach the warmer months, keep in mind that your fireplace damper should be closed when your gas logs are not in use. An open damper can pull conditioned air out of your home, driving bills up."
-David Foster, member services representative

"If you smell gas or believe that you may have a gas leak, do not turn on any appliances or anything that could cause a spark. Doing so is extremely dangerous. Instead, get out of the house and call the AGL hotline at 770.907.4231 (outside metro Atlanta dial 877.427.4321) or call 911."
-Larry Thompson, loss control director

"Be sure that your water heater is set to the correct temperature - 120 degrees. Setting it higher can be both costly and unsafe."
-Keith Taylor, commercial and industrial accounts executive

"Leaky ducts are a big money waster. If you have leaky ducts, you could be wasting up to half of the energy you're paying for to heat your home, not to mention drawing toxins into your living space. Have your heating system - including ducts - inspected by a licensed HVAC contractor annually to ensure everything is functioning efficiently and safely."
-Greg Brooks, communications coordinator

"Natural gas has a rotten egg smell. If you smell gas, immediately call the AGL hotline at 770.907.4231 (outside metro Atlanta dial 877.427.4321) or call 911. Don't try to find the source of the leak yourself - leave it to the experts."
-Jennifer Broun, community and youth representative

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