July 2008
Top Ten Reasons To Call Before You Dig

1. Getting your utilities marked for free is a lot cheaper than fines.

2. You could hit a gas line, and natural gas smells like rotten eggs. Enough said.

3. Being without running water/power/gas/cable is so 1900s.

4. It may be difficult to call 811 if you’ve cut the phone line.

5. Those colorful flags and paint marks make nice yard art.

6. Making one toll-free phone call to 811 is easier than making calls to your utility providers when you’ve cut their lines or cables.

7. A gas leak doesn’t make great fertilizer for that expensive new tree.

8. Waiting for the lines to be marked gives you a few more days to procrastinate (but with a good excuse).

9. Because the neighbors want to watch the big game on television – and they’ll be pretty angry when they find out you’ve cut the cable lines.

10. You only have to remember three numbers – 811.