September 2008
New Look, New Features

This month when you visit the Walton EMC Natural Gas website, you can expect to see changes - in the form of a completely redesigned site. Not only does it have a cleaner, more crisp look, but there are several features that will make your experience at waltonemcgas.com a better one, including:

Find prices on the home page
No gimmicks or guessing games, just our rates right out front - it's as simple as that.

Compare us with other top marketers
See how Walton EMC Natural Gas' prices measure up to other top marketers in Georgia, and see how much you're saving by choosing us.

Navigate through the site with ease
A cleaner layout makes finding what you're looking for at waltonemcgas.com a breeze. Plus, a more functional search means you can pinpoint specifically what you want without a lot of browsing.

Switch and pay bills in minutes
With links on every page, switching to Walton EMC Natural Gas and paying your bills online is easier than ever.

View pages quickly
No matter what your connection speed, waltonemcgas.com should load quickly, meaning your valuable time can be spent checking email, checking off your to-do list or just relaxing.

Find helpful resources
Want to go back and find that article about tankless water heaters? Don't worry, it's still there, along with all of our other archived newsletter articles. Look to waltonemcgas.com to answer your questions about natural gas products, safety and efficiency.

Learn about other Walton EMC products and services
Quick links give you easy access to other Walton EMC products and services.

Ongoing improvements and updated content
Look for more improvements to be made and content to be added to to make waltonemcgas.com even better in the coming months!

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