April 2009
Put Down the Shovel, Pick Up the Phone: Call 811 Before Doing Any Type of Digging

They say the hardest part of any job is getting started. But if you're doing any type of digging or excavating, the first step is easy.

Before turning any dirt, pick up the phone and call 811. That's the number for the Georgia Utilities Protection Center (UPC). The UPC folks can help you avoid a lot of trouble.

By having utility lines marked before digging you'll:

  • Protect yourself from injury (or worse)
  • Avoid disruption of utility service and the associated costs of lost revenue and repair
  • Shield yourself from unnecessary liability
  • The UPC representative will get basic information about the job and send a request to all involved utilities to mark any underground lines. After the lines are marked, you'll know what to avoid so you can safely complete your task.

    Besides, calling 811 first is much better than calling 911 later.