December 2010
Furnace Checklist
Don't Wait Until You Need It. Check Now.

Cold weather is close, but your annual furnace check should be closer. With temperatures dropping, it's very important to check your furnace before you need it - so you can be ready all winter long. Keep the following tips in mind year 'round to keep your furnace in tip-top shape. For safety, remember to shut off the furnace before checking the unit.

1) Filter

Check and replace the filter often. A clogged filter can reduce airflow and allow unhealthy air to cycle back into your home.

2) Heat Exchanger

Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks and separation. Left alone, the openings can allow dangerous carbon monoxide leakage into your living space.

3) Burner

Wipe down the burner with a damp rag. A dirty burner can result in unwanted deposits and shorten the life of the furnace.

4) Pilot

Make sure the pilot light ignites properly.Weak pilots can easily be extinguished causing the furnace to shut down.

5) Flue

Check the flue for obstructions, corrosion or leaks to ensure all fumes exit your home safely.

* Thermostat

Also, make sure the thermostat is functioning properly. If the thermostat is not calibrated correctly, it can cause your furnace to over or under heat your home.

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