June 2010
Meal on the Grill

Grilled Turkey Breast with all the Fixin's

  1. Season on and under the skin of turkey breast with preferred dry rub and place on top rack of the grill.
  2. Assemble sliced apples, onions and potatoes in a grill-safe roasting pan. Add an inch of water. Place pan on bottom rack underneath the turkey breast to catch excess drippings.
  3. Cook turkey breast to an internal temperature of 170 degrees, turning periodically to ensure evenness.
  4. Place assorted sides on a platter and top with sliced turkey breast for quick, easy and delicious grill-made meal.

Easy Peasy Strawberry Short Cake

  1. Start by slicing, then buttering a store-bought pound cake.
  2. Place each slice of pound cake on the grill for several minutes on each side until you achieve desirable grill marks.
  3. Top with fresh strawberries and cream for simple, but impressive dessert.

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