February 2011
Bank Draft Makes Paying Bills Easy

Ever wanted to throw your checkbook out the window? Now you can with bank draft from Walton EMC Natural Gas.

With this payment option, you still receive a monthly statement (for reviewing energy use and charges) along with the Gasette. But after that, you're through.

We'll draft your bank account on the day the bill is due for the amount you owe. It's as simple as that.

To Sign Up: 

  • Call us at 770-267-2505, or come by any office to get the details. We'll provide a form you'll fill out and return with a voided check.
  • Once bank draft begins, you'll get a statement every month about 21 days before funds are drafted from your account.
  • The statement will tell you how much will be drafted on the due date of your bill.  The draft amount will also appear on your bank statements.
  • You can stop any authorized payment from your account by contacting us at least 10 business days before the scheduled draft date.
 If you stop bank draft, you are still responsible for paying your bill on time.

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