January 2011
Time is Money
Save both by weatherizing your home

Why pay to heat your home then let hard-earned money go right out the window, door or attic?

As the saying goes, "Time is money." Save both this winter by keeping the heat inside with the following home weatherizing tips from Walton EMC Natural Gas.


TIME SAVER                                   MONEY SAVER


Purchase a chimney balloon that works as a draft stopper.
Cut a piece of insulated foam and insert it into the chimney when not in use.

Repair a door threshold to keep air from escaping through cracks.
Roll up a towel and place it in front of the opening.

Buy an attic stairwell cover to block the transfer of air and moisture to/from the attic to the home's living space.
Make your own attic cover. Visit youtube.com/user/emctv or click here for a video to show you how.

Purchase a programmable thermostat.
Manually lower the thermostat at night and when you leave.