January 2011
Budget Helper: Levelized Billing

When temperatures rise and fall, so do your utility bills.

Winter's cold pushes energy use and your gas bill up, making it hard to know what to expect when it is time to pay. But there's a solution.

Walton EMC Natural Gas's levelized billing plan evens your bill, making the amount due more consistent all year long. It smoothes out the peaks and valleys of your energy budget.


Here's how it works: When we receive your meter reading, the current month's bill is added to the past 11 months' bills and divided by 12. You end up paying an average of the last 12 bills.

Since we use a rolling average method, there's no "true-up" unless you discontinue service with Walton EMC Natural Gas. That makes levelized billing better than other marketers' budget billing plans.

To begin levelized billing, your account must have a zero balance. Once you're enrolled, it's important that you pay the exact amount shown on the bill.

Call 770-267-2505 today and give your budget a break with Walton EMC Natural Gas's levelized billing.

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