July 2011
Rate Plan Options: Fixed or Variable?

At Walton EMC Natural Gas, you'll find choosing a rate plan is easy. We offer two options, so you can pick the plan that's right for you.

The variable rate plan allows you to ride the market's prices without signing a contract. This rate fluctuates monthly, depending on the supply and demand of natural gas and the price of natural gas at the wellhead.

Want the same rate all year? On the fixed plan, your rate is locked in for 12 billing cycles. No matter how much the market's prices fluctuate, you keep the same rate until your contract ends.

If the rate drops after you sign a contract, you still pay the per therm rate according to your agreement. However, your fixed price may be lower than most months over a year's time.

You Made the Right Choice!

When viewing rates on the Georgia Public Service Commission's website, be sure to compare apples to apples per therm rates. Some months the lowest-priced marketer may appear to have the lowest per therm rate. Look again.

Oftentimes, marketers may be the lowest with an introductory rate or with a volume discount. Introductory rates only apply to new customers and only last for a few months, so this rate is not a true reflection of what the marketer is charging the average customer.

Log on to waltonemcgas.com to learn more about plans or check out our low rates.

Whether you choose variable or fixed, either is a good choice when you are a customer of Walton EMC Natural Gas. Check out these price charts to see where we stand compared to other marketers.

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