June 2011
Outdoor Living with Natural Gas
Turn your backyard into the perfect retreat.

If you like spending time outdoors, it just makes sense to use a fuel that is better for the environment. With natural gas appliances, your thumb won't be the only thing green on display in your backyard oasis.
Take the advantages of natural gas appliance outside. Cook, relax and entertain on your own deck or patio with these paradise-promoting additions:


With a natural gas grill, never worry about running out of charcoal or cleaning up the mess. Cooking outdoors keeps the cooling bills down while the flame rises up.

Patio Heater

A natural gas patio heater lets you control the conditions. Outdoor heaters give you indoor comfort no matter the season.

Outdoor Lighting

There are several forms of natural gas lighting to help you make your backyard retreat total paradise.


Have the campfire-feel all year long in your own backyard with a natural gas fireplace.

Pool Heater

A natural gas pool heater can heat your pool quickly and efficiently keep it at a desired temperature.

For more information on outdoor natural gas appliances visit comfortableresponsible.org

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