September 2011
Annual DDDC Recalculation Goes Into Effect September 1

A portion of your Walton EMC Natural Gas bill is a base charge from Atlanta Gas Light (AGL). This charge is regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission and does not vary by marketer. Base charges represent the cost of delivering gas to your home or business, pipeline maintenance and meter reading.

Factored into the base rate is the Dedicated Design Day Capacity (DDDC) charge, which covers common costs of delivering gas to your home. DDDC is based on each customer's demand on the pipeline system during the coldest day of the year. This method is the fairest way to allocate each customer's share of the total cost of the delivery system.

Each year, AGL recalculates DDDC for every customer account to ensure the data represents the most recent usage patterns. This process is now complete for the upcoming year and will go into effect for billing after September 1.

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