April 2012

Trust EMC Security to provide reliable security monitoring. Starting at $16.95 a month with no contract.

In addition to your home or business, EMC Security can also help protect your loved ones with a medical alert pendant.

By simply pressing a button on the medical alert pendant, users can speak directly with a member of EMC Security's emergency response team. The pendant's strong signal range allows users to do activities like working in the garden and walking to the mailbox.

Recently, a Gwinnett customer was rescued while wearing a medical alert pendant. Home alone, and too weak to reach a telephone, the customer pressed the voice-to-voice pendant after falling. This allowed an EMC Security operator to stay connected to the customer while another operator dispatched an ambulance and contacted family members.

EMC Security understands that not every emergency needs medical attention. For those situations, a contact list is registered with each account.

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