February 2012

Heat has a natural tendency to move from warmer temperatures to cooler temperatures.

This means when the air temperature is colder outside your home, the warm air you are paying for to keep your family comfortable could be sneaking out of the back door.

Caulking cracks and gaps around your home's windows and doors is easy and inexpensive.

Follow these 7 easy steps to keep outdoor air where it belongs:

First Step

Start by reading the label to select the right caulk. Numerous caulks are available for different applications and color preferences. You can also purchase clear or paintable caulk.

Second Step

Clean the surface and remove any old caulk.

Third Step

Place the caulk in the caulking gun and push the plunger forward until it stops.

Fourth Step

Cut the spout at 45 degree angle and slightly smaller than the desired bead.

Fifth Step

Puncture the inner seal with the attachment on the caulking gun or a wire.

Sixth Step

Apply even pressure to the handle to start the caulk. Use slow steady travel. To stop the flow of caulk, press the release button next to the plunger handle.

Seventh Step

Finish by smoothing the bead with your finger; this forces caulk into the joint | and improves adhesion. Use a damp cloth to remove any excess from work area or hands.

To watch videos on caulking and other energy saving tips, click here to visit youtube.com/user/emctv.

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