February 2012

Brrrrrr...When it's cold outside, the best place to be is inside next to a warm cozy fire. Don't you wish that starting that warm cozy fire was as easy as flipping a switch? Good news! It can be with natural gas logs.

Traditional wood burning fires require constant attention, cleaning and dry firewood. Instant-on and instant-off gas logs are easy to install, maintenance free and supply twice the heat of wood. If you are considering adding gas logs to your fireplace, here are some of the questions to ask yourself before shopping:

Do I want vented or vent-free gas logs?

Vented gas logs are the most popular and should be installed in a functioning chimney with the damper open. Vent-free logs put more heat in the room, but lack a realistic flame. Most vent-free log sets have a thermostatic control that helps maintain a consistent room temperature. The decision between vented and vent-free comes down to looks, heating efficiency and placement. Your choice.

Do I want to ignite the log set with a pilot light, match or a remote?

Using a match to light your gas logs is the least expensive option. A pilot light stays lit during high use periods and allows you to turn the logs on and off with a control knob. A remote controlled set of gas logs is the most convenient by allowing you to operate the set without getting off the sofa.

What style logs do I want for my home?

If you don't want the look of traditional wood, glass logs also come in other styles like artificial stone and glass. Outdoor gas log sets are also a popular, growing option.

What size logs will fit in my fireplace?

Make sure to measure the area where you will place the gas logs before you purchase.

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