June 2012


Plan Ahead to Stay Safe

Excavation work, including digging or plowing around a home or business, is the most common cause of natural gas emergencies. Before digging around your property, state law requires you call 8-1-1, a statewide, toll-free number, to have your utility lines professionally marked. You must call at least three full business days before digging, excluding weekends and holidays so underground utility lines can be located and marked – free of charge – before you begin your project.

Here's what to do:

Natural gas is a safe energy source and natural gas leaks are very rare. However, we've added an odor of rotten eggs to natural gas that gives it a distinctive smell to assist in the detection of natural gas leaks. If you suspect you smell gas - anywhere, anytime - call us immediately. And please:
  • If you smell gas indoors, leave the building immediately and have others also exit immediately.
  • Do not light a match, operate natural gas appliances, use a phone or turn an electrical switch on or off.
  • Keep everyone away from the area of the odor.
  • Do not start a car. Go to a nearby phone away from the smell and call 877-427-4321.

    Never try to find a leak yourself.

    For more natural gas safety information and to take our safety survey visit atlantagaslight.com

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