May 2012

Spending less money on natural gas leaves you more to invest in your company. If your business is currently with another marketer, we could be saving you dollars each month.

As a certified Georgia natural gas marketer, Walton EMC Natural Gas can serve residential, commercial and industrial accounts on Atlanta Gas Light's pipelines. Check out the
service territory map
to see if we can serve your business.

If we serve your home, you are familiar with our friendly, local customer service representatives. The same great people can answer questions about your business account.

In addition to top-notch service, we also offer bill consolidation to our commercial customers. For multiple accounts receiving Walton EMC's electric service or EMC Security monitoring, bills can be consolidated to one invoice that requires a single payment.

Using a previous gas bill, our commercial and industrial account executives can formulate a price quote for your business based on its natural gas load and demand. By comparing your current marketer's commercial rate with our rate, you'll quickly see the difference and potential savings. We can also compare customer service charges and any other fees.

If your business uses less than 40,000 therms per year, call Philip Peters at 770-500-5256 to discuss a commercial account.

If your business uses more than 40,000 therms per year, call 770-267-2505 and ask for Scott Walker or Keith Taylor to discuss an industrial account.

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