May 2012
Natural Gas Generators
Permanently reliable for your home or business

Like other gas appliances, natural gas generators are powered by fuel that comes to your home or business via underground pipelines. This permanent infrastructure makes natural gas generators a reliable solution regardless of the weather conditions.

Unlike gasoline or diesel-powered units, natural gas generators do not have to be refueled. Powered continuously by natural gas, these generators are fully automatic. Within seconds of an electrical outage, the natural gas generator comes on, supplies power and switches off when power returns.

Many homeowners are having professionals install natural gas backup generators to ensure on-demand, dependable energy during power outages. From furnaces to refrigerators to home offices, a natural gas standby generator can power your entire home and increase its value.

For businesses, reliable energy during a power failure isn't just a convenience - it's a necessity. Loss of customers and cash flow isn't a concern with a natural gas generator. Natural gas generators can run your refrigeration or entire facility quietly and reliably.

Natural gas is a clean-burning, responsible energy choice when compared to gasoline or diesel because it emits fewer greenhouse gases. Powering your home with an alternative, renewable energy like a natural gas standby generator is the perfect eco-friendly backup.

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