October 2012


With the long days of summer coming to a close, it will be getting darker earlier and earlier. What a great opportunity to enjoy gas lights around your property!

The flame of a natural gas light emits a soft, warm glow that creates an atmosphere all its own.

The styles for natural gas lighting range from Southern to Victorian to contemporary in a myriad of colors. Flame options include a steady glow, flickering flame or a vestal flame (shaped like a maple leaf). Many gas lights offer energy-saving features like electric switches or dimmers.

Gas lights are reliable. They don't rely on batteries or electricity. Despite inclement weather and power outages, your gas lights will be ready when you are. They also require little maintenance and attract fewer insects.

Placement Options:

Inspect your property to determine what areas need extra lighting. Make a sketch that includes the walkways, landscape and patios. Take advantage of different lighting techniques. Highlight specific areas to create silhouettes around landscaping.

Places to consider adding natural gas lighting:
  • garage
  • pathways
  • hot tub
  • driveway
  • pool area
  • gazebo
  • patio
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