September 2012

When you receive your gas bill each month from Walton EMC Natural Gas, a portion of the bill is a base charge from Atlanta Gas Light (AGL). This charge is regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) and represents what it costs AGL to deliver gas, maintain pipelines and read meters.

The AGL base rate is the same for all gas companies; however, the base rate for each household or business is different. It varies based on size of the facility and the number of gas appliances.

Several other factors are used to calculate your base charge, including:
o Customer Charge: A fixed monthly fee for gas connection to your home or business.
o Ancillary Service: Covers the cost of meter reading.
o Peaking Service: Covers the fixed cost of above-ground storage facilities.
o Social Responsibility Fee: Covers the cost of funding the Senior Citizens Discount Program for low-income customers.
o Environmental Response Cost (ERC) Recovery Fee: Recovers expenses related to cleanup of former manufactured gas plant sites.
o Strategic Infrastructure Development and Enhancement (STRIDE): Covers the cost of specific GPSC-approved programs to maintain the integrity and reliability of AGL's pipes system.
o Franchise Recovery Fee (FRF): Recovers fees paid by AGL to local governments for the use of public rights-of-way for its natural gas lines and other facilities.
o Dedicated Design Day Capacity (DDDC): A charge that recovers costs associated with delivering gas to your home or business.

The DDDC charge covers the actual cost of delivering gas. This charge is based on a customer's usage on the coldest day of the previous year. This allows AGL to ensure they have enough gas available if all accounts are at their maximum usage at the same time.

DDDC is recalculated annually during August and will be reflected in your September bill.

To learn more about DDDC and your base rate from AGL, visit atlantagaslight.com and click on Establish Service, then Guide to Our Charges.

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