March 2013
Important Reasons to Invest in Home Security System

PEACE OF MIND Sleep better knowing that your family and possessions are protected.

DETERRENT Burglars tend to spot easy targets. Make sure your residence isn't one of them.

PANIC BUTTON EQUALS FASTER RESPONSE TIME Anytime a panic button is pressed, emergency response teams are dispatched immediately.

SMOKE AND FIRE DETECTIONWhen the system detects smoke or fire, it notifies you and the fire department. This feature minimizes property loss.

INSURANCE DISCOUNTS You can receive up to a 20% discount for installing a home security system and it adds value to your home.

CONTROL YOUR HOME REMOTELY Wireless technology allows you to arm, disarm and view surveillance using a remote device like a computer or smart phone.

IMMEDIATE NOTIFICATION Door and window sensors activate the alarm to let you know immediately that your home has been invaded.

EMC SECURITY CALLS FOR YOU In tense situations it can be hard to focus. EMC Security calls the police for you during an emergency.

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