May 2013

Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) is the distributor that delivers natural gas from the well all the way to your home and is responsible for the physical components of your gas service, like underground pipes and meters. Employees of AGL perform connects, reconnects and disconnects to your gas service and meter readings.

As the marketer, Walton EMC Natural Gas (WEMCNG) handles billing and customer service. Since you receive a statement from us, AGL sends WEMCNG their monthly charges to add to your bill.

AGL's monthly base charge covers maintainning your pipelines and storage facilities, meter readings and other miscellaneous fees. Included on every monthly bill you receive are charges from AGL for delivering your natural gas. Additional fees for connects, reconnects and switches are also reflected on your bill.

The way you use natural gas makes your base charge unique, but your base charge from AGL will be the same regardless of the gas marketer you choose.

Customers often question us why they continue to get a bill from us if they aren't using any gas, especially during the summer. The answer is that AGL has to provide the same services whether you use a lot of gas or none at all.

AGL is charging you to have natural gas available if you need it. WEMCNG only bills you for the amout of gas you use.

Click here to learn more about your base charge from AGL.

Atlanta Gas Light handles all as emergencies. If you suspect a gas leak, please call 1-877-427-4321.

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