March 2013

Condolidated Billing
If you're a Walton EMC electricity customer, we can combine all your energy charges on one convenient bill.

Levelized Billing*
Levelized billing helps eliminate bill highs and lows with a more consistent amount year-round. This billing option uses a rolling twelve month average, so you can expect what to pay without any unwanted surprises.
*Walton EMC Natural Gas reserves the right to limit the availability of the levelized billing option.

Internet Billing
We can deliver your bill to your screen instead of your mailbox. We'll email you each month to tell you when your bill is ready. Then simply log in to view and pay your bill by bank draft, e-check or credit card.

Manage Your Account with Email and Text Alerts

  • Due Date Reminder -- Sends you a reminder of your bill's due date.
  • Past Due -- Alerts you that your bill's due date has passed without payment.
  • Payment Confirmation -- Sends a message when Walton EMC receives your payment.
  • Account Profile Change -- Alerts you that your account profile (addresses, phone numbers) have been updated.
Call our customer service representatives at 770GASHEAT for more information or to sign up.

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