June 2014

1) PLAN TYPE You can choose between a variable-rate plan and a fixed-rate plan.

  • Variable-rate plan: per-therm rate will increase or decrease each month.
  • Fixed-rate plan: per-therm rate will stay the same for the length of your fixed-rate contract.
2) THERM The unit used to measure gas consumption.
3) PER-THERM RATE The amount charged for each therm of gas used.
4) CONSUMPTION CHARGE This is the amount charged for gas you have used. number of therms X per-therm rate = consumption charge
5) CUSTOMER SERVICE CHARGE Our $5.75 customer service charge covers the cost of customer service and billing.
6) DEDICATED DESIGN DAY CAPACITY This is a number calculated by Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) that indicates how much gas you typically use during the coldest day of the year. It helps us plan the amount of capacity needed to supply gas to your home and is used by AGL to calculate a portion of their base charge (see #7). This number may be different for every household and is re-calculated once a year.
7) AGL BASE CHARGE This is a charge added to your bill that goes to AGL for delivering gas to your home, pipeline maintenance and meter reading. The charge does not vary by marketer. Source: The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Natural Gas Education Program

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