May 2014

Is your Walton EMC Natural Gas knowledge top-notch? Find out with this true or false test:

Only people who get electricity from Walton EMC can get natural gas from Walton EMC Natural Gas.
FALSE: Walton EMC Natural Gas serves gas customers across the state of Georgia. If you are on Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) pipelines, you can get gas from us.

A carbon monoxide (CO) detector in the home will protect me against poisoning.
FALSE: A CO detector is only helpful if it functions properly. To keep it in working order, test the batteries every six months and change them when needed. You should replace a CO detector according to the manufacturer's instructions -- typically every five years.

In its original state, natural gas is colorless and odorless.
TRUE: A substance known as mercaptan is added to natural gas to make gas leaks distinguishable. If you smell gas, call Atlanta Gas Light at 877.427.4321.

All gas marketers in Georgia get their supply from different locations.
FALSE: Though the price of natural gas varies from marketer to marketer, all natural gas flowing through AGL's pipeline is exactly the same.

Paying a lower price for natural gas means I have to sacrifice service.
FALSE: Walton EMC Natural Gas continues to have competitive pricing while maintaining our status as J.D. Power's "Highest in Residential Customer Satisfaction with Retail Gas Service Three Years In A Row."

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