Renew Your Residential Fixed Rate Plan

If you're an existing fixed rate customer and you have received a renewal notice, you may renew using the form below. Others wishing to change their rate plan should call 770.267.2505, or toll-free 866.WEMCGAS (866.936.2427) for assistance.

Walton EMC Natural Gas | Fixed Rate Plan Renewal

Fixed Rate Plan Renewal

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I agree to the Walton EMC Natural Gas fixed rate plan for the next 12 billing periods at $0.699/therm and understand that if I discontinue this plan before the end of 12 billing cycles, an early termination fee applies.

Walton EMC Natural Gas's complete Terms of Service are applicable to Fixed Rate Plan Renewals. Please be patient while your order processes. Clicking the "Submit" button more than once may delay processing.

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